Hikaru vs a 2600 Chess Hustler?!?

Hikaru plays against a 2600 player in beautiful downtown Detroit.















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  1. Going that deep against Hikaru really says something about these players. Knowing 100s of thousands of people will be watching is one thing, but the adrenaline from facing Hikaru combined with that would make most people crumble. Cheers to all who have played so well!

  2. alright alright I admit, I don't know who won the second game when she played white…. PLEASE TELL WHO WON?

  3. 2600 Player: Wow, I wonder why Hikaru just gambited his A pawn?
    Hikaru: Haha, thanks for the free passer in 20 moves.

  4. 2:48

    I'm no chess master, but stumbled upon these videos.
    Can someone explain what happened? She moved pawn up 2 spaces and he took it putting his pawn a space further back?

  5. Super GM Hikaru playing in public plaza. Champion chesser like him come out in the open as humble as he is & share his magic skills. Keep it up idol! I wish other super GM should play like with a smile all throughout the game people watching are really having fun.

  6. Maybe the additional commentary wouldn't help like a 2600 player doesn't know she has 30 seconds left or needs to make a move.

  7. battle between 2600 blitz and 3400 bullet , what are the odds,its like me playing against a 600 player

  8. I must say, those are far, far more exciting controls and I think that you'll increase your following by quite the margin if you keep doing that. It gives people so much hope and then at the same time, people start seeing you nearly lose, and their hope all of all sudden goes back to your winning. It's a great dynamic and makes it so you can play average players or even really good ones, like her. She was amazing. 2600!!?? That's amazing. I'm a 2200 (and only in bullet), so 2600 is just really great. Shows you what a genius this guy really is that even with the time controls, he's still basically untouchable.

  9. Saludos Hikaru sigo todas tus partidas q bueno q te encontré aquí para no perderme nada de tus juegos saludos

  10. Hikaru is a cry baby that reports players that beat him on online platforms on legit matches. No wonder Magnus makes a mokery of him all the time "Hikaru? DECENT" LOL LOL LOL 🤣🤣🤣

  11. These have been coming through my feed. I'm not a chess player by any stretch of the imagination. I only know what each piece does as per the mechanics and know zero strat. But watching both those games… when you ain't lookin'…. Hikaru come up YOWASSSSS.

  12. Hikaru had a checkmate in 3 more of his moves if that amazing young lady didn't make the little blooper. He would probably only have one or two seconds left on his clock by the win. That's so close!

  13. Pretty amazing for a high school student to keep up with Hikaru so well. I hope she keeps playing!

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