Hikaru's Perfect Game? Super Chess League vs GM Koneru

Hikaru played in Samay Raina’s Super Chess League vs GM Humpy Koneru and had fun with the eval after.

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  1. Maybe Hikaru is like Stalone in Over the Top, except he takes his headphones off to turn into a machine!

  2. Alternate title: Two GMs spend 27 minutes calculating 5+ moves ahead only to trade into an endgame where Hikaru has just one pawn of material advantage. The margin of error in these games is absurdly small.

  3. Lmao Hikaru is so cute when he gets mad about the supposedly free rook. Why does he mald cause of that comment haha

  4. 1:411:56 Hikaru on CSL Day 1: "In match situation you dont want to take huge risks… In teams situation if I self inflict it by going WILD it's quite different from individual game"
    Hikaru on CSL Day 2: Goes WILD by playing super GM Radjabov simultaneously with Titled Tuesday.

  5. alphazero: that is a bad game, also alphazero:100% accuracy

    (bonus) sans: you're gonna have a bad time enemy


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