How to Evaluate Chess Positions? Ft. Magnus Carlsen

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In this video lesson, GM Igor Smirnov will teach you how to evaluate any chess position easily within seconds with the example of the world champion Magnus Carlsen’s games.

How do we say whether a position is equal or someone is better? Is it the material or attacking opportunities? What about positions where there is material imbalance?

Watch this video and learn the 4 key factors to evaluate a position, and the most important factor of them all to evaluate positions quickly!

► Chapters

00:00 Evaluate Chess Positions like Magnus Carlsen
00:11 Example-1: Carlsen vs Giri
01:11 4 Factors to Evaluate Any Chess Position
04:12 Example-2: Esipenko vs Carlsen
06:02 Example-3: Carlsen vs Fedoseev
09:41 Example-4: Carlsen vs Nepomniachtchi
09:49 Pro Tip: How GMs Evaluate?
10:45 How to evaluate activity of pieces?
12:42 Can you find the mate in one?

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  1. 12:42 Can you find the mate in one?
    Answer: …+ Re2#. The Rook on the e file blocks the check to black King; and as it leaves f2,, opens the black dark Bishop to see along the g1-a7 diagonal and creates checkmate on g1 with the two black Rooks controling the white King's potential escape squares.

  2. Re2 is the only mate in one for Black here. Those who say moving that rook anywhere on the 2nd rank will work are not noticing that Black is in check! Any move by that rook other than Re2 is illegal.

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