How to Play 4D Chess

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  1. The bishop always being on the same color is just a result of how it moves through the board in 2D, on 3D it would change because it's more of a result than a rule. Kinda weird to think about.

  2. Just keep making higher dimensional chess boards until you can force checkmate on the first move.

  3. i think it is too difficult to checkmate because there are too many possibilities the king can pass, that means it is very difficult for this game to end with a win

  4. technically he didn't play just a shadow, for example, if you were looking at a 2d plane with a guy named bob on it, and you told bob that you were god and a 3d creature, and then you put a ball into his plane to prove it, bob would only see a circle, he would only see the area in which the ball actually enters his plane, meaning if a 4d creature did the same, we would only see a 3d ball rather than a 4d ball, so he did play 4d chess, it's just set up in the way we can see it

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