Howard Stern Said WHAT About Our Chess Hustler Videos??

A famous radio host Howard Stern was discussing one of our chess hustler videos on his shows. And some of his comments were pretty surprising. Watch the video to see Botez sisters’ reaction! Drop a like and tell us in the comments your thoughs on what Howard said.
Our video that was being discussed:
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  1. It's been literally 10 years since I've been to Boston, and even back then the hustlers there were charging per game 🤷‍♂️ I knew Howard was outdated but yeesh

  2. I don't know this man made his talk show, I'm french living in Europe. My feeling about what's about for him when I hear him, he's trying to create confusion into the mind people heard him. It is just all about, create confusion. He's not for love human being & for spirituality elevation awareness. This is just a man contract to evil in this society.
    The Botez sisters are intelligent and this is for the love they did chess content, that's the reason. But some people trying to reduce that by the form and the shape, because they don't want we see the love on each and everyone in this world.

  3. Dear Botez sisters,
    The guy commenting on you obviously has problems as he sees in you his own fantasies about who you are, not who you actually are so his comments tell waaaay more about him and his problems then about you. Also, I am not sure about the age difference but if he is as old as I think he is and making that type of comments about girls your age then, unfortunately, his mind has developed some pretty serious pathology concerning sexuality and attitude towards women and young women in particular so you should really pity him.
    Concerning the biased presenting of the setting of your videos (white "privileged" chicks and "poor black dude") that is just political craziness going on atm and also an attempt to be a hero by pointing the finger at the "bad guys". It's just a lame fashion and conformism, nothing more. It is actually his attempt to bend the reality to create his own content as he lacks the creativity to do something original and positive like you are doing. Again, something to pity.
    Overall, it's best not to give such individuals much attention.
    However, this experience does give you an opportunity to see how the elements of beauty and physical presentation of yourself influence individuals who are unstable or morally fallen. Such individuals will be nasty so you should either be prepared to face that and ignore or switch a part of the focus away from the beauty/physicality aspect of your channel and content. Being attractive is kind of like having lots of money – it always invokes jealousy and negativity so, perhaps, hiding it isn't necessarily a bad life-strategy. Or growing thick skin…
    But ofc, you do what you think is best. 🙂
    Love and respect to both of you.

  4. This from the shock radio jock. It's fun and funny what you guys do. It also does a lot of good for the game. Challenge Howard and destroy him

  5. Very funny; making content out of each other content lol
    And boobs are nice, no doubt a nice addition to the chess game, but the American obsession and fascination with them is really something else!
    He must have focused on them with his magnifying glass.

  6. So, telling a black guy a black guy is racism now? I agree with you girls (oops, I'm sexist now, I said you are girl…), but calling him 'old black guy' is fine, because you go in your videos and you can easily find the video by looking for a old black guy. It's not racism to say someone is black when everyone arround is white. And calling a white guy, White guy when there is a lot of black people is perfectly normal. When I want to talk about a cat and there is 8 people in the room. I don't say, you know… The little living thing…. No, I say : THE CAT, YES THAT BLACK CAT! (yes I speak loud, because there is 8 people in the room…)

    And the boobs thing is just because you show a lot of…. You know… The views and subs are not just for the chess. Yes, that's the reality of woman streamers, but i'm sure smart person like you already know that. Personally, when you start posting less chess and more vlog and crap like that, I unsubs and came back couple months later, but i'm a minority in this creepy world of pervs and asshole.

  7. No. It's not racism. Stern is a shock jock. Nothing against u 2, it's just that Howard talks chite for ratings. Plus he thinks you are ripping off people trying to make a few extra bucks at chess hustling.

  8. We all started to watch them because they are hot let's not kid ourselves. If they were ugly girls they wouldn't get 10% of the following they have. Like helloooo

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