I Challenged A Trash Talking 11-Year-Old Chess Master

Tani, an 11-year-old National Master, has been a regular opponent of Alex in online blitz matches, now they bring their grudge to a real chess board in Washing Square Park! Drop a like and tell us in the comments, if you expected such level of trashtalk from a young chess prodigy.
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  1. Kid should learn to play poker instead. No money in chess, but lots of money in poker. Many amateur poker players are throwing money every single day. If he's bright, he'll have an edge over most players and will make money

  2. Why do the bystanders wear a face muzzle in open air? Are Ameticans that afraid of the corona flue? Average age of death is 82 or something right?

  3. I’m still fairly new to competitive chess. How is the first game a checkmate when her king still had a place to move?

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