I Pranked Chess Hustlers Disguised As A Grandma

It took more than 8 hours of sitting in makeup chair, but the result was worth it! Botez sisters disguised as Grandmas went to a Union Square Park and challenged the chess hustlers. Watch the video till the end to see if anyone managed to see through the disguise!
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  1. "I Pranked Chess Hustlers Disguised As A Grandma!"

    "My, what big eyes you have, Grandma! Woof!"

    You think a guy can't tell, even if it's only subconsciously? "What? Why is that happening? This is very strange… Wait a minute! You're no Grandma!"

  2. You refer to us as youtube but we're not youtube, you could refer to us as friends. =)
    Thank you, it was very funny, I wonder why they didn't mentioned that your hands' skin were smoother than average 70 years old women, unless you also applied make up to the hands… very best of lucks.

  3. It frustrates me when men place so much value on physical beauty they overlook the girl’s personality. That being said, I am human and grandma you is quite a bit less attractive than normal you. Which is PERFECT! Zero distraction during our future chess battle by your good looks to maximize my chances to pull off the upset! ❤️♟. Very clever idea by the way. I’d be pissed if a grandma hustled me.

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