I Tried Taking Down the University of Chicago Chess Team

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In this video, I crash one of the University of Chicago Blitz Arena Chess Tournaments and try to win it. There was some strong competition, leading to some fun and intense games. Timestamps below!
0:00 Unknowingly playing a famous grandmaster
5:00 London leads to black’s worst knightmare
11:50 London leads to HYPER-AGGRESSIVE kingside attack
16:52 Deeply Prepared Pawn Sacrifice vs U of C Chess Team President
25:22 Stafford? No Stafford? Whoah… I’ve never seen this before
34:18 Trapping a chess master in 10 moves
41:35 GM Awonder Liang Tricks me into a Reverse Stafford Gambit
45:00 GothamChess Raid inspires me to win as quickly as possible
47:13 Budapest Gambit leads to cool rook sacrifice
55:35 Grand Prix Attack leads to Fanciest Checkmate of the tournament
1:00:40 How to beat the London in 18 moves
1:03:00 INTENSE Endgame vs Grandmaster
1:06:33 Falkbeer Countergambit vs King’s Gambit
1:11:30 Winning Quickly with a geometrical London TRAP
1:15:25 11-move ENGLUND GAMBIT
1:19:35 Grandmaster can’t stop hurting me
1:22:40 Playing aggressively from a symmetrical opening
1:27:20 Final game ends unexpectedly

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  1. 48:42 My Father taught me Chess at age 5. I normally began with h4 or a4 followed by Ra3 or Rh3. My Father never corrected my error and simply captured my Rook with his Bishop winning the games at my emotional expense. Whilst I finally learned my lesson and gave up on this plan, true Justice would not prevail for another Thirty years when I had him placed in a Nursing Home. If you are going to teach your Child to play, correct his errors. Some Kids don't forgive. This one didn't.

  2. "Let's play something reasonable… like a Budapest."

    I wasn't expecting that, or the fact that I accidentally spat out my orange juice when I heard that.

  3. 56:06 Here and on the next move, Eric could have tried to catch Black napping with the tactical idea 6.fe de 7.Bf7+ Kf7 8.Ne5+ followed by 9.Ng4 , winning material and preventing Black from castling; though this would have broken the rule "don't go pawn-hunting in the opening".

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