I Will Be A Grandmaster (Ep 2)

My Grandmaster Training, Episode 2

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0:00 Intro
0:37 Game 1
20:00 Game 2

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  1. West want to create bad image of me in people and isolate me from people and do whatever they want with me.

  2. In the second game I just wish that the analysis showed what your opponent should have done after you took on e5, because you say it's a bad move but I don't understand why.

  3. The reason why I wouldn't tell people I want to be a Grandmaster, especially in a youtube video, isn't because I don't believe in myself. It's because there are millions and millions of people all over the internet, waiting for the chance to bring anyone down anywhere with purposefully hurtful comments meant to destroy aspirations, because they know they'll never amount to much themselves. Sad fact of life and human nature, especially on the internet.

  4. 36:11, the dude with white pieces can sac knight and bishop to get his rook uncomfortably close to black with his queen, right?

  5. I had the position at 22:52 just yesterday. To think that it's the first time you encountered this position in your much deeper experience. What a coincidence.

  6. finding out you played many of the best possible moves has gotta be a huge confidence boost, keep killing it levy !

  7. Can a good player please explain to me as I am a beginner, but in game 2, on the move where bishop goes to F3 by black and white Castles why is he stressing so much? Didn't white hung out 2 pieces out to dry? The white Bishop on E5 and then a direct attack on the Rook in A1?
    I'm completely lost as to why that would be a bad play? Am I missing something, cause the white Queen to H5 is already covered by the King as he has an escape route right? Am I not looking ahead?

  8. Ok the move after 32:20 had me yelling at my phone. Why not just take the pawn on a3?! That was already part of your consideration before you moved your queen. You would be immediately up a pawn, you would threatening the bishop, the only immediate threats were knight b1 and rook a1 both of which leave the bishop undefended. If you get the opportunity to take the bishop the pawn on c4 is potentially hanging for the capture, then the pawn on b5 could go down.

    You are infinitely better at chess than I will ever be I am quite confident. I am sure you had a justification but after studying the board I can't for the life of me find what it is.

    Your justification seemed to be that you had just thrown the last game and you didn't want to blunder this one. But is that truly ever a good reason to do or not do a move? Seems to me it's just recency bias. Essentially it should have no impact on your current move if you are playing a purely rational game. Which chess isn't I suppose at least when played by humans but certainly cognitive bias is a hindrance. I'm sorry to rant for so long but I am almost positive there is some deep magic at play that I don't understand and I'd love to hear your thoughts. Love your channel, much appreciation.

    Yours truly,
    David Ryan
    Chess.com Username: "SirWinningtonIV"

    P.S. You will almost certainly become a Grand Master if you continue at this pace. Rooting for you.

  9. You were in a horrible position when you attacked opponent's bishop with your bishop in the first game. Luckily he didn't pick up on it either. Very nice pulling out the win though, very clean endgame

  10. you should do some episodes where you analyze games with GMs. would love to hear guys like Hikaru, Dubov, etc. giving you advice

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