Indian teams revealed for the FIDE Chess Olympiad 2022

The Indian teams for the Chess Olympiad 2022 along with the trainers have been announced. Being a host nation we get an extra team in both the open and the women’s section. In this video you get to know the team composition of both India A and India B team in open as well as women section. You will also get to know about the chances of the Indian team as we look at the top teams of the last Olympiad that happened in Batumi in 2018.

Video: ChessBase India

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  1. Has anyone ever explained why men and women do not compete on equal terms? Is this the last bastion of mysogyny? Why are there GM's and WGM's? Mens teams and separate women's teams? Chess is a mental/intellectual sport. Separation implies a difference in the intellectual capacity of men and women. In the 21st century this seems bizarre. I don't understand why women accept it.

  2. Hi Sagar, Since I am working in an mnc corporate in Bengaluru so I am thinking of coming to Chennai, Mahabalipuram venue to pay a live visit on any possible weekend during that time. Do by any chance the outsiders like us would be allowed to spectate and meet if possible & if not, what is the procedure ?

  3. Move Arjun to team B and Adhiban to team A. I root for Team B then. Nothing exciting about Team A.

  4. Our teams will definitely face tough competitions from the higher rated and more experienced teams and players. At the same time, the young guns can spring in many surprises, the fan support and enthusiasm is at an all time high with it being held in India, and these coaches have been working with the teams for a long time and know them super well. Most importantly, the Indian Team looks like a TEAM, not a mere collection of individual players. I am confident they will perform brilliantly! Wishing everyone the absolute best! ❤

  5. Sir, I just dearly hope that at the end of registration of teams there is an odd number of teams; so much more INDIAN players gain chance to play as these are the best they are gonna face ever.

  6. So disappointed that Cob champion bm samay Raina was not selected for either candidates or the olympiad. Maybe he refused in prep for covid-22 open.

  7. Actually Im not going to see the ratings, but if India beats ,China Azerbaijan, and plays usa , it's something way stronger,, but i think they can hold usa players if Indian team is in good form , only way to beat usa is vidit and hari should be solid,rigid enough. Otherwise it's over

  8. Gukesh should have been in team A ig. 🤷‍♂️ young guys are underrated. Also Its not his fault he didnt play this tournament 3 months ago.

  9. None of the four Indian teams will get a podium finish ,,, only chess base will improve its view count by hyping these players before tournament

  10. The only Trump card for India A is Arjun who is honestly I believe close to 2740 in terms of performance (can easily outclass VD and Hari) so expecting a lot of upsets from Arjun.
    The India B team in open section will be the future of Indian chess and it'll show in this olympiad. Nihal, Gukesh, Prag are all going to cross the 2700 barrier eventually in about a year or even half(Arjun is almost 2685).so, India B open section will prove India's chances in future candidates as they'll have to beat super GM's in classical matches. Everyone knows they're top-30(if not top-15)in blitz, bullet, and rapid

  11. Sagar made a mistake in comparing the average ratings. The ratings average mentioned on chess-results for the 2018 Olympiad is the rating average of only the top 4 players. The 5th player was not considered.

    However, for the current teams, Sagar calculated the rating average using all the 5 players. Thus, it's an unfair comparison.

    For eg, it was stated that in the women's section, our team had an average of 2458 in 2018 and A-team has 2456 now. But, all our women players are higher rated now!! It's because 2458 in 2018 is the average of just the top 4 players while 2456 now is the average of all 5 players. If we take only our top 4 women players, our average rating comes to 2478.

  12. Such a big chess tournament without any russian players will not be good imo.

    We cannot defeat hate with hate. We can defeat hate with love.

  13. USA team is too terrafic this time …imagine having fabi, aronian , hikaru , wesley they all are in top 10 in word rankinga right now

  14. harikrishna isn't even playing well, they could have included pragg on the top board who is in such good form, or vishy sir, hari might be decisive for us in many matches and its a lot to worry about

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