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400 Elo Chess is the best

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  1. I think the main thing Low ELO Legends type people forget when they see a queen just jump to the middle of their territory is that the queen can't just murder everything. It needs to defend itself because they can't really afford to lose it. Therefore, unlike pawns which are mindlessly aggressive, and knights and bishops which are happy to trade with almost anything, queens are the easiest piece to scare off. So going after them to either trap them, scare them off, or hang them is a very rational thing to do.

  2. Hey, this is way more exciting than high level play. In this, you can and probably will get a 10 point lead and multiple opportunities for forced mate within 2 moves, and still lose.

  3. i never touched chess again for decades after i played a similar endgame as black when i was 8. it was my first game ever in which i had a clear advantage. my classmate (who taught me the rules) didn't know about the 50 moves rule yet, so the only way i was able to end the torture was to throw a tantrum and give up.

  4. The only way I can differentiate GothamChess videos I haven’t watched from the ones I have is Levy’s shirt changing into something new

    (That’s a good thing)

  5. I love how you evaluate the 400 rated players as if they have these galaxy-brained strategems, it really makes me feel better at being a shit player. I'm not a shit player, I just use unorthodox methods!

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