Karjakin is Disappointed That Dubov Helped Carlsen to Beat Nepo

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  1. Why not, those are older values, but still values, as for the freedom to choose, I would have not even mentioned Dubov, and make him even more important than he is. Russia Team prepared Nepo very wrong, that's when you have only by chess blinded idiots. Threy are top athlets, thryr main organ to use is theyr brain. Did thry think to huye a nutricionist?? Nepo has the stamina of an impotent 70 year old man. I eould have thought they would have make him loose 20 pounds, and let him fu.k a few good looking girls. So he would vome at yhr table as " the man", and shining of selfconfidence. He is not worse in chess(then Magnus), in Nepo psycological things are his weak point, not chess technics. Magnus team(not little mouse Dubov), the correct peoples gave him the correct suggestions, how to beat Nepo. Threy knew from thr start, Magnus had to pull the time long as much as possible, as that started, Nepo crumbled. A non chess player anf more a psychology expert would have been better, because those motherfu..ers are the top players in the world and training since last 30 years daily, what the fu.. can they learn about chess, they already don't know???? BAD TEAM NEPO. MAGNUS TEAM GOOD, BUT THE ONES THAT ARE NOT ON PICS OR VIDEOS LIKE DUBOV, THEY REAL GAME CHANGER WORK FOR THE NORWEGIAN SND NATO INTELLIGENCE. YOU THINK NOT??? THAN STAY A POWN AND IDIOT LIKE DUBOV. MORE, LEARN TO TALK LIKE HIM, LIKE A 90 YEAR OLD BABUSCHKA.

  2. How could Dubov betray his country when his country wasn't part of the WC, there was no flag, no anthem. Nepo played for CFR, Magnus for Norway. #WADA

  3. Hey, it's about the chess, whether they sit around farting surely doesn't make a difference. Some people have a natural propensity to break wind. Don't judge.

  4. Rex Sinquefield in his office just grabbed the telefone and called St. Louis Chess Campus to make room for antother real future American Chess player.

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