Karpov v Kasparov: The Soviet Chess Rivalry Of The USSR | Two Kings For A Crown | Timeline

Interwoven portraits of Anatoly Karpov and Garry Kasparov, whose 25-year bitter rivalry accompanied the fall of the USSR. The story of a duel between two chess giants, fighting a personal war in a world gone to ruin. This battle of black and white was more than a face-off over a chessboard. Part psychological drama, part political thriller, the film brings to life their hostilities, nested like Russian dolls. Karpov vs. Kasparov represents the battle between the faltering empire and the young liberals several steps ahead of the game, checkmating the old guard. Or how two stories – the societal one and the personal one – started out separately and ended up superimposed, twining together into one tale.

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  1. Many people dont understand that the reason Bobby Fischer is considered the greatest is because he took on the ussr chess machine and he won by himself.

  2. Anyone want to talk about the irony of the head of the Soviet Union telling Karpov to hold onto his crown?

  3. So glad you haven't given yourselves over to the mania Timeline. Perhaps you could find something about pre-first world war ferver and anti-German propaganda that would be highly appropriate and appreciated.

  4. Karpov wasn’t really that difficult for Kasparov in terms of super grandmasters. One would have to not understand that Kasparov beating Karpov 28-21-121 in career tournament matches is a bit of a blowout.

  5. Fischer was afraid of Karpov. He knew he couldn’t win. Karpov would’ve crushed him. Not playing Fischer is NOT a blemish

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  7. In view of the Russian aggression in Ukraine I think it's worthwhile noting that Karpov is a staunch putinist, member of the russian parliament (Duma) and voted for the annexation of Ukrainian lands, currently under EU sanctions. Kasparov, on the contrary, is vehemently anti-putin since forever.

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  9. Whenever I watch clips on how life was during the Soviet Union…SOOOO GLAD I born in Northern California. Nice lil town called Fair Oaks. Went to private schools. Belonged to 3 different country clubs. Grew up with the 15th fairway basically my back yard. Swimming pools…no movie stars…great life. Freedom of Speech. Took it for granted. Sooo thankful in my later years. Very lucky

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  12. Bravo…nicely corrected audio. Great chess documentary you have provided and will perhaps inspire someone somewhere.

  13. I speak Russian and I hear what the Russian Nikitin says in Russian. But the narrator isn’t translating it correctly. Like he says when describing discovery of Kasparov “he was 10 years old”. But Nikitin says “he was 14 years old in Russian.

  14. I am so amazed how Karpov even today in age has such high sharp eyebrows. Many people try to have high eyebrows and cannot get that.

  15. Lol it’s so funny when the narrator cannot even pronounce the English pronunciation of such a famous name as Gorbachev. But still a good documentary.

  16. Much appreciated the fact that our appeal is listened, the sound is great and now we can enjoy this documentary. Nicely done

  17. THANKS FOR THIS . I really Hope mucu sucess to your platform cause NATIONS at war and Things Like this are quality content ive didnt Seen for DECADES really. This IS really great

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