KICKING OFF PogChamps 4, presented by Coinbase! ft. QTCinderella, Sapnap, ConnorEatsPants and more!

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— Contents of this video —

00:00:00 – Intro
00:34:03 – Crokeyz v. Rubius Game 1
01:10:41 – Crokeyz v. Rubius Game 2
01:50:12 – Sapnap v Harry Mack Game 1
02:15:02 – Sapnap v Harry Mack Game 2
02:59:50 – ConnorEatsPants v QTCinderella Game 1


  1. I kept expecting Harry to lift up a cardboard cutout of Dream to psych out sapnap XD "come here sapnap come herrreeee"

  2. Does Alexandra always baby-talk like that? She did it the whole video… I know she’s intelligent, but for some reason she’s dumbing down her speech to such an extent that it’s almost insulting. As if someone coached her “Talk to your audience as if they were 8 years old”. It’s very odd

  3. Love that Botez Gambit has become synonymous with queen blunder! I'm starting to use it as part of my chess vocabulary.

  4. Correction : Rubius was receiving a twitch donation. -What's with Rubius blatantly cheating? He's talking with another person during the game that told him not to be greedy and to trust him… uhhh-

  5. Crokey….A 1200 who doesn't know how to execute a proper king and queen checkmate in the endgame 🤦‍♂️

  6. I know it’s a part of different skill rankings but I hate when the higher ranked player wins after making a bunch of mistakes only because the lower ranked player ended up blundering a winning position.

  7. That “I like big brains and I cannot lie” freestyle between Alexandra and Danny was one of the most painful things I have ever experienced. I love me some good cringe but damn that one was too much for me to handle.

  8. "They did drive Bobby Fischer crazy" lol oh boy you guys are going to get cancelled by the end of this

  9. Well since XQC isn't playing, I'll cheer for FAKE XQC this time. FXQCL💖
    I'll also put some imaginary money on Minx.
    …Nevermind, she's below 300 & more likely to injure herself with the pieces. 😥

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