Learn This Aggressive Chess Opening in 10 Minutes! [Universal & Powerful]

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In this video lesson, GM Igor Smirnov will teach you an simple yet aggressive chess opening for White in just 10 minutes. It is the Colle System which is very easy to learn and can be used virtually against any move of Black.

You will learn the main ideas and plans for White in this opening, how to break through in the center, and attack the Black’s King. GM Igor Smirnov also answers the common questions from students like “Is Colle System a good opening to play?” and “Is Colle System better than the London System?”. 

► Chapters

00:00 Colle System Chess Opening
00:50 Is Colle System a good opening?
02:24 Colle System vs London System
03:50 If Black plays c4 or cxd4
05:16 If Black plays b6, Bb7
06:00 Line-1: If Black plays dxe4
07:44 Line-2: If Black plays cxd4
08:22 If Black plays Bf5, stopping Bd3
09:05 If Black plays Bg4, pinning Nf3

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  1. Great video, can you make an other video about the colle system with Black you mentioned it as slav defense?

  2. I really LOVE this opening, but I notice things break down somewhat when black's bishop moves to D-4 and then when threatened by the pawn, it takes the knight. If I take the bishop with my pawn, it opens up a clear lane for my castled king to be threatened and if I take it with the queen, the pawn advance to E-4 takes my bishop. I've played these options out in various permutations but I wonder what the best option is once my knight is taken?

  3. Hi there! First of all, I’m a big fan of yours 😊! At 9:33, what if, after h4, comes Be4 attacking my Rook on h1? Whenever I face this counterattack, I pretty much lose every game, due to an avalanche of the following attacks, and because it damages the whole structure altogether. Is there any other moves, such as f3 (blocking the queen and delaying development) or maybe sacrificing the rook in order to concoct a counter-counterattack, so to speak, as there’ll be g5 or h5, h6, and possibly Qg4, Qh5, or whatever (even taking the knight, when people blunder in blitz games). Looking forward to hearing your thoughts on that! Kind regards from this Brazilian noob who watches every video you post 😊😊😊

  4. I’m going to put forward the argument that watching Igor is even better than watching Tony, as sleeping cat < sleeping dog.


  5. Hi Igor love your work. I have reviewed both of your Colle videos. What is better Re1 or Qe2?
    Or does it vary according to what Blacks plays.
    Take Care Be Well Gordon

  6. I can imagine that cat saying to itself: "such a lazy dude, talking to a screen…come feed me slave!"

  7. what must man play if the black have this position Qc7 and Bd6 ;
    can u say me pls the best defense for a white on this possition(small cancel already)
    thaanks a lot

  8. Ok but what if black places his bishop on d6 and rook on e8 and pushes his e pawn ♟

  9. That … cxd4 variation seems to go into something like a QGD (orthodox) Exchange Variation with colours reversed. Which makes me wonder if Black might have a shot at a minority attack in some situations.

  10. Wonderful!!!!! if only possible…try to slow down your speech…i kindly hard to catch up with your words…just that…but the rest…very nice…no doubt……Thanks again sir!!! more power to you…

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