Let The Checkmate Guide Thee

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  1. You technically shouldn't have ended the video because you already blundered the checkmate, after that you don't have to keep blundering the same checkmate.

  2. Mission failed again. You didn't blunder mate after he played Qf3. You have blundered the mission in most of your challenges and still your 100 rated audiences can't see it

  3. I personally think that it was fair game to break the mate threat after he missed it the first time, otherwise you just get locked in a space and it makes the challenge very repetitive.

  4. Given the rules, shouldn't your first move have been e5 specifically because of the blundered checkmate?

  5. Actually u shouldn't end the video because even though u left e4 for ur king it would still be checkmate just not mate in 1(but as changed challenge said any mate u should keep going as long as he have forced mate)

  6. Others have already commented this but I also want to point out… 3. e5 is forced as it allows mate in 3

  7. I understood the challenge as "when you have a checkmate in 1 (i.e. you checkmating the opponent), you need to not use it". (Which likely means you'll have to win on time or by the opponent resigning.)

  8. Intro: if I can blunder any mate, I have to
    Move 1: I won't play e5 -> Ke7 because it blunders mate

  9. Here's a fun one I thought of based on a blitz game I managed to do it in by accident. The pieces to the left of the king are nobles and they refuse to do anything or let the pawns in front of them do anything.

  10. I’m kinda new to chess, so can anyone tell me if an bishop can move infinitely even around corners to grab other piece?

  11. Chess, but you have to stay on your half of the board. Bonus: Any opposing piece that crosses into your half must be dealt with extreme prejudice.

  12. Chess, but the first piece your opponent blunders is immortal. If that's too easy, add: the first pawn your opponent blunders is also immortal.

  13. I dunno. I was thinking that since you blundered that mate once, you didn't have to keep blundering it.

  14. You need to play Baka Mitai in place of Giorno’s theme at the end when you end your own video, because you have been a fool for ending your own video.

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