This is the Chess World Cup tournament, ft. Magnus Carlsen, Fabiano Caruana, and other strong grandmasters/titled players competing for 2 spots in the Candidates Tournament.

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0:00 Intro
0:26 Game 1
7:07 Game 2
12:42 Game 3
17:40 Game 4
23:22 Game 5

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  1. In Honor of IM Levy Rozman, I am rеlеasing a frее electronic chess book with the name:

    100 Mate in Two Chess Puzzles, Inspired by GothamChess

  2. i like how levy feels like he has to clarify that 2 players did not have that sort of conversation over the board and that it was a joke

  3. gothamchess isn’t even that good at chess. i have no clue why he even decided to name himself as chess. he’s literally so bad and his haircut isn’t even as bad as him at chess. that’s how u know he’s had. he juikst look at a board and eats shit on it. that’s all he’s good for. so terrible is him. he should quit the game i could beat him in a 1v1 fog of war

  4. Levi I love you for 7:07. fun fact;
    Ukraine is located in the areas that belonged to Poland before WWII, even the capital of Ukraine, Lviv, was considered one of the most beautiful Polish cities with a great university. To this day, many Poles who know history will argue that Lviv is a Polish city, and Ukraine is an artificial creation without the history of the nation.

  5. Can anyone tell me why there is a men's and women chess tournament and not just one world cup? Obviously this should be the case for football, soccer, physical sport but why chess? Surely a chess brain is just a chess brain?

  6. Also you nailed saying Michał Krasenkow. If You didn't – sorry in Polish is przepraszam, so you dodged the bullet here. Something like Psh-a-pr-ash-am

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