Levy Beats Dubov, Crashes Lichess

I Beat Daniil Dubov in the Lichess Crypto Arena by Agadmator. I also am partially responsible for crashing the website, right?

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0:00 Intro
1:11 Game 1 vs 2774
8:35 Game 2 vs 2820
16:20 Game 3 vs Dubov

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  1. Im just picturing Danny Rensch standing behind the camera with a gun so Levy doesn’t accidentally say REDACTED

  2. That was a fantastic win. If anything it's a promising shining light showing that you will be a GM soon. Kudos.

  3. Good win and good game, but it's blitz/bullet; I'd not count it as real win unless it was Classical Chess. Call me weird, but like 8 hour games. 🙂 When you embrace Classical Chess, then you will have learned grasshopper. And then, you will be a true GM, living happily ever after.

  4. You've defeated Daniil Dubov? My idols are So, Daniil, and Carlsen. Congratulations then even though it's blitz

  5. But the knight was free in game 2. That's why I need help on moving through the game instead of one move moves

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