Levy's MOST IMPORTANT Chess Advice…

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  1. TBH that's pretty much how I play.
    When you're down a piece, the longer you allow the game to go on the more you're going to feel that loss.
    If you try to play solid chess, you'll lose. Opponent will just trade everything and then take your pawns with their extra piece.
    You need to create imbalance as quickly as possible, and your opponent won't do it for you. You gotta take initiative and win otherwise you've lost.

  2. Attackers in Chess: it’s not always about winning— but it’s definitely about the friends we slayed along the way.

  3. This wa me today down 5 mins on the clock 10 mins eapid downs piece and a Pawn and had 0 compensation

    And attacking aggressively and and sacrificing pieces where I was down 10 points of material is how I won

  4. Day 2 of translating Levy's titles into Albanian: Këshilla MË E RËNDËSISHME e Levit në lidhje me shahun.

  5. I literally did this today in multiple rapid chess games in a tournament so thankyou levy for reaffirming my delusions

  6. Attackers in chess never fail . They either succeed or just postpone their success till the next game .

  7. 191st day of translating Levy's titles into Neapolitan: "O consiglij e scacc chiù important e Levy"

  8. Day 356 of translating Levy's titles to Russian: "Самый важный совет Леви о шахматах"

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