1. Humans are very arrogant in general, let me explain. Every generation will ALWAYS believe they witnessed the greatest ever in their time. Magnus.. Brady.. Woods.. LeBron.. all these greats existed and played within the same time about or close enough.. don’t worry, every 50 or so years the next generation will swear they have all the all time greats for every sport, and so on.

  2. I have been working on my chess every single day for years adding new training ideas from time to time.I know it is an insane time/effort consuming game.
    Especially classical chess is such an exhausting sport, but he's clearly been so dominant in the past decade! All against people who has been giving their lives to the game since early childhood.
    I think these guys use drugs, I really believe it…

  3. secret to success in anything is making little to no mistakes, and Carlsen certainly fits this description

  4. By now, the GOAT status of Magnus Carlsen should be unquestionable. He is clearly by far ahead of the chasing pack in all aspects. He has won all is there to be won. I wonder if he might be an alien from an advanced civilization.

  5. 2:22 that right there,is a true champion…..he admits his own mistakes and is always looking forward, that's inspiring

  6. It's rare you hear Magnus this satisfied with his play. Even when he wins a tournament, he still beats himself up most of the time.

  7. You can always pick up on how much of a sportsman Magnus is. I think his play today was largely inspired by the knowledge that he didn’t want his tournament decided by a full point bye at the end.

  8. Magnus to reach 2900 needs other players to be higher rated because he's so much ahead he gains so little even when winning

  9. Got the feeling that he’s quite exhausted but what a champ! Hopefully he gets a good rest and charge up for the next event.

  10. Magnus won this tournament with ease beating all the top dogs like it's nothing and the craziest thing is he could and should have had 2 or 3 more wins, that's just insane to think about.

  11. What it sounds to me when magnus starts explaining his thought line:
    V – v ) ( ( ½ m V² – ½ m V² – v ) t. The work done is its speed then state the work done body. If we relation in call product of F x = ½ m a partic energy of the choose the change is its speed a. Let us change in the above equal to the change in the kineticle in causing a body and V + v is this equation displacement and V is equare on a constant acceleration, the resent acceleration, the work done in the the above equare v is way: The particle in then K = ½ ( V – ½ m v². What is W = m ( V + v ) ) /

  12. Magnus is dominating the chess World for the past 11 years. Such consistency, what a beast

  13. Magnus is obviously on performance enhancing drugs. It’s a disgrace that this isn’t more stringently regulated, allowing for cheaters like Magnus to use more of his brainpower. Disgusting

  14. When you win almost half the games and draw the other half against the best players in the world, but only gain three elo points…

  15. With the hairdo, he is beginning to look like Morrissey. Being in Holland he can easily find some tulips to put in his back pocket and he will be ready for a Smiths tribute band gig.

  16. I keep telling people that Magnus wins on demand, when it counts! Sometimes he's not so concerned about winning, but more importantly, collects information on some of the younger players.

  17. 0:10 when you think that will soon be drinking with friends on the stream… and suddenly remember that you won Tata Steel Chess

  18. Would love to see him as a guest commentator for the final round… his insights (and his humour) would be more than welcome!

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