Master Class | Nimzowitsch–Larsen Attack | Chess Speedrun | Grandmaster Naroditsky

15:50 Analysis

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  1. Great as always – question though, thumbnail says 2160 ELO, however the opponent is actually only 1542? How did Danya get matched with such a lower rated player? 
    Also, as 1542, it seems like he played quite a good game, spotting several of Danya's suggestions for best moves B-)

  2. Nice instructive game ! thanks. We guessed most of the moves you asked us to look for, which was a lot of fun ! If you know your opponent is a tough Caro-Kann or French player,

    I highly recommend giving this b3 opening a go. Black player; what is this sorcery ? White player; lets try some new structures !?

    one of my favorite philosophers came up with the term ( flipflop ability ) . Knowing when switch up the opening choices can be a key strength. TBH I haven't seen many lessons covering this.

  3. 14:53 I think that if black played Ne5 instead of Bxe4, then he would have been winning. How would Danya protect you bishop and the play with the awful double isolated pawns after that? (I have not looked at rhe engine with this. Was just excited to see Danya possibly being outplayed in this speedrun)

  4. I really enjoy playing chess and it’s crazy good watching you play because the way you explain everything makes it seem like each move is a no-brainer…until I go to play lol

  5. amazing how well he walked us through that d3 move, I wouldn't have seen that move if I play like i normally do but I believe I could do it if I applied the logic that he showed us

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