Maurice Ashley's Hilarious Interview Just After Ian Blundered

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Ian Nepomniachtchi blundered a pawn in Game 8 of FIDE World Championship 2021.

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  1. If Family Guy did a skit on this chess game Maurice would have said the exact same thing and I’d be watching it in “Family guy on black people compilations”.

  2. I like how in the comments some people forget that chess itself is a game representing actual armies fighting in bloody battle.:)

  3. Maurice: he's about to EXPLODE!!
    Ian at Press Conference: very calmly oh it's just one move blunder, you know, it happens. And to me for some reason it's happening now.

  4. I don't like Maurice's demeanour. He is disrespectful and authoritarian in the way he conducts the press conferences. I hope the next WCC doesn't count with him at all.

  5. chess is boring, maurice gives it that pop of color commentary. his comments were great. i prefer playing chess with trash talking its way more fun. doesn't matter that nepo is better, the super GM all agreed that nepo was playing far below his level, and the final score shows that

  6. Remove this man from his commentator position and give him to a reality show where he is much better suited.

  7. Maurice" i am gonna bash your head open" with a smile on the face Ashley. Perfect example of why we are just not the same.U can put a donkey in a stable, it will not make it a horse.

  8. It's so funny how Maurice and Magnus are still forced to tolerate each other long after their infamous interview.

  9. Maurice doesn't mean harm, he is just very passionate about chess and has to not make either player feel bad. But Its hard not to feel sorry for Ian losing.

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