Meltwater Champions Chess Tour Finals | Day 1 | David Howell, Jovanka Houska & Kaja Snare

10 elite players compete in the MCCT Finals, a round-robin to decide the winner of the $1.6 million Meltwater Champions Chess Tour. GM David Howell, IM Jovanka Houska and Kaja Snare commentate live on Day 1. Watch the games:

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  1. For those complaining the commentary team isn't just running off a stream of coordinates a7 to a5, g6, g7, f8 unless c3 to b6 etc… Have you really not figured out — being the advanced chess masters that you are — that you can go to the Chess24 commentary team for more advanced players? I mean really… Duh???

  2. Love everything about it except the players faces are bigger than the board, where it should be the other way around. What esport has faces bigger than the main game lol

  3. I would not play anyone wearing headphones. Fide always banned electronics and such but now it seems ok , For me it brings the game of chess down to a level not worthy of the game.

  4. Even though the pro-Magnus is rather obvious at times, I really love this commentary team – their chemistry is perfect. Their commentary on the game is so much more accessible to newcomers – other commentator teams could learn well from this.

  5. Why not just caption this vlog as ”Carlson vs Duda – Meltwater blah blah 2021” It's majority of your coverage anyway 🤬

  6. 20:22 magnus vs duda
    opening : queen's gambit declined , semi tarrasch defence .

    raw PGN :
    1. d4 Nf6 2. c4 e6 3. Nc3 d5 4. cxd5 Nxd5 5. Nf3 c5 6. e3 cxd4 7. exd4 Nxc3 8. bxc3 Qc7 9. Rb1 Nd7 10. Bd3 Qxc3+ 11. Kf1 Be7 12. h4 O-O 13. Rh3 Nf6 14. Ne5 Qa5 15. Rg3 Kh8 16. Bg5 h6 17. Bxh6 gxh6 18. Qf3 1-0

  7. Wow the amazing arena does give chess a e-sports feel to it. Also the stream was amazing. Different boards for moves and evaluation, great commentary by David and others. Kudos to the organisation team and chess24.

  8. I already commented on how much I love the setup Chess24. But here is another comment saying literally the exact same thing. I love the new setup. The more I look around the more details that pop out. Great job guys!

  9. Can someone explain, why are they playing on a computer, not a chess board? They are sitting directly across from each other.

  10. This is everything I could possible want out of a video. A board on the side to show the moves (because not everyone wants to try and figure out what's going on over the board). It has an evaluation bar. And videos of the players reactions… Very well done Chess24 thank you all very much for you quality entertainment.

  11. This was a great coverage tbh…loved it. I still don't get the points system completely tho…need to get my head around how Magnus is 10-22 points ahead of Radjabov, Anish etc

  12. I really don’t understand whose idea is it to refrain commentators from using the chess coordinates while broadcasting. Coordinates significantly simplify the analysis rather than complicating. 04:55:10

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