Meltwater Champions Chess Tour Finals | Day 9 | David Howell, Jovanka Houska & Kaja Snare

10 elite players compete in the MCCT Finals, a round-robin to decide the winner of the $1.6 million Meltwater Champions Chess Tour. GM David Howell, IM Jovanka Houska and Kaja Snare commentate live on Day 9. Watch the games:

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  1. Ah sadly the audio stops at 36:04, and the video freezes as well – is there any way to fix this? As it would be great to see the finishing games of such an exciting tournament!…

  2. I love David, Jovanka and Kaja. Whoever brought them together deserves a raise. Looking forward to next season.

  3. TL,DR: This event/tour is simply the best chess content out there. I would keep, but reduce, the finals bonus points; and I would also make the finals it's own mini-event (i.e. paying Teimour a lesser sum for performing the best, on top of the season payouts per usual).

    This is my favorite chess event/season. But it needs some tweaks as follows:
    1. Payout the finals as its own mini-tourney (lesser amount than main pot). Pay out players finishing highest excluding the bonus points (i.e. make the finals it's own mini-tourney, in addition to the season long championship). Example payout: 1st = 20k, 2nd = 12k, 3rd = 5k, 4th – 10th = 0 (but they still get paid for the season, of course). If there is no budget for this, I would pull it from the 300k payout. The same 10 players are still getting the same 300k, but there is an extra, smaller piece to play for, especially for the bottom ranked players who have little chance at winning the main pot.
    2. In the season-long standings, you only get to count your best finishes, which will make it fair for those that played less than 9 tournaments. For each player, count top 3 best tourneys @ 100%, 4th best @ 75%, 5th best @ 50%, 6th best @ 25%, 7th and on do not count. And if you score in the first 6 tourneys, you can place better in your 7th tourney, kicking out an earlier, worse result.
    3. There should be bonus points awarded based on final ranking, not final points. Once regular season is over, regardless of point total, first place gets 9.0 bonus pts, 2nd 6.5 pts, 3rd 4.5 pts, 4th 3.5 pts, 5th 2.5 pts, and down half a point till 10th gets 0 bonus points. This system will ensure a competitive chance for all players (unlike it was for Shak and Duda this year), but still significantly reward players for finishing higher in the season standings.
    * Other, minor tweaks***
    4. Assuming these "seasons" eventually become consistant, there should be a clear cut way players get to enter, and offer "tour cards" that allow players to play, and tour exemptions for winning tourneys, or a 3 year exemption for winning the finals, etc. Maybe all the invites happen behind the scenes, but it'd be nice as a fan to know how players qualify for each event. (Artemiev is a prime example, he obviously deserves to be there, but either opted out for the first 6 tourneys, or was never invited)
    5. I would slightly increase emphasis on the round-robin portion for regular tourneys. Currently you get 10 points for winning that, but 40 for winning the knockouts?? Knockouts should be harder and therefore more points, but certainly not quadruple.
    6. Majors didn't mean anything in 2021. Still have them, but fewer and later in season. It felt like a regular tourney but double points (since it was basically the same players playing). There should be 3 regular tourneys (for example) before each major. But each player is only allowed to play 2 of the 3 regulars (this will also help with burnout, and also give other lesser-known players a chance to show their skill. After 3 regular tourneys, the best join together for the major. So majors are double points, but it's also harder competition, more money, etc.

  4. Great commentary. But despite me being a Carlsen fan, the super closeups on Magnus" face bobbing to the music is really off putting.

  5. "He kicked the window open wide, felt an emptiness inside, to which he just could not relate, hoping for a single twist of fate." Zimmerman, Robert, Allen. Miss you already. What a wonderful year it has been. Hugs JT.

  6. I am just crying that this season ended. Had loads of fun throughout the season. Would be fun to watch this next year. Thanks to all the GMs, commentators for the wonderful chess games

  7. Involvement of an arbiter seemed to have downgrade So's performance. Hope in future we would see participation of chess arbiter stationed at So's house from day one.

  8. Magnus is the greatest. A bit disappointing of Wesley performance, but I know Wesley will come be coming back and took this as a big lesson. Come on Wesley SO.

  9. God damn this was the BEST thing happen in the whole internet, very informative and entertaining: Thanks to all players, David, Jovanka and Kaja plus of course the whole staff behind the scenes to make it really happen!!! See you hopefully in 22!!!

  10. Wesley so is such a demon he was just clapping hikaru, magnus Shakira and just chilling even when he loses…can't want for another tornament with Magnus vs Wesley

  11. Congrats Magnus. And what a beautiful trophy, a masterpiece of art. Couldn't take my eyes off it. Still thinking about it.

  12. Giri so gracious there and no surprise Carlsen didn't even shake their hands. Once again poor sportsmanship. I mean you won it, just be nice for once. I love his chess but as a person he's not in same league as Teimour, Levon, Shak, Le Quam etc. Daddy Henrick have a word. Come on Nepo give him a fight. Imagine the toys out of pram if MC loses WCC, my word. Great online tour though well done to organisers.

  13. People thinking Magnus wasn't part of making the trophy an NFT. Huge congrats to Teimour too, great Finals for him.

  14. Congratz Magnus, Radjabov and Levon! What a heartbreak for So! After trailing Carlsen for 9 months, he comes down to fourth place! In the end, it just wasn't his tournament.

  15. Really fantastic tournament, production, commentating, players!!
    Couple of minor suggestions: Might have been nice to do a checkerboard zoom on the big screen to include the other seven players in the awards and wrap party…also at the end could have passed out glasses of champagne and a bottle for Magnus! I think it would have been nice to give Magnus a trophy or at least a medal to put in his trophy case!
    Thank you all for a great season! Glad to hear that you'll be back for the big show in November…looking forward to seeing you then!!

  16. I enjoy every moments of it. Thank you for excitement you all bring in. But I have to say, the final was the dullest event among all. I would like to see a better format for a next year. I'm looking forward to 2022 season.

  17. I started watching this way back in February and had a blast every single month. Fun, laughs, entertainment and memories.
    Thanks to everyone involved, loved every minute of it 😍
    See you next year hopefully xxx

  18. This chess tour was amazing. I loved every moment! The commentary was fantastic and made the game even more interesting. And congratulations to every chess player and to the winner. See you soon! – Gio ❤

  19. Great production, entertainment and match quality. But the mode in the finals was a massive fail. Zero tension throughout the week, everything very complicated etc. From all the single tournaments, it was actually the finals that were boring, as right from the start. only two players could win the whole thing and after some days it was clear it is gonna be MC. The final day of a tournament should be the most exciting, here it was completely flat.

  20. Loved every bit of it chess24..from the very 1st to this grand finale..worth it the ending ..emotional journey for players as well as audience and aww those hugs.. ❤️thank u..lots of fun

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