Most Beautiful Chess Game Ever Played – "The Evergreen Game"

#agadmator Do you agree? Which game is your favorite? Enjoy the video 🙂

Adolf Anderssen vs Jean Dufresne
“The Evergreen Partie” (game of the day May-18-2007)
Berlin GER (1852)
Italian Game: Evans Gambit. Pierce Defense (C52)

1. e4 e5 2. Nf3 Nc6 3. Bc4 Bc5 4. b4 Bb4 5. c3 Ba5 6. d4 ed4 7. O-O d3 8. Qb3 Qf6 9. e5 Qg6 10. Re1 Nge7 11. Ba3 b5 12. Qb5 Rb8 13. Qa4 Bb6 14. Nbd2 Bb7 15. Ne4 Qf5 16. Bd3 Qh5 17. Nf6 gf6 18. ef6 Rg8 19. Rad1 Qf3 20. Re7 Ne7 21. Qd7 Kd7 22. Bf5 Ke8 23. Bd7 Kf8 24. Be7#

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  1. With so many missed opportunities to castle for Black. I would preferably call this game an evergreen game of mistakes!

  2. Anderson used to.give Paul Morphy He'll in his day behind the chess board,,,,So we are talking about a very skilled man,,,He was a real

  3. I thought black was winning near the end and i was even paying attention to whites beautiful move at the end. I have so much to learn… 😅

  4. this is the most entertaining chess game I saw right now…the fastest among others. What a game! this is what a chess game many want to watch! unlike others that are boring…you already fall asleep and still boring the same.

  5. I know this is an older video, but isn't the "es" in Dufresne pronounced with a hard a? I'm a big fan of The Shawshank Redemption lol. Love the videos, not trying to criticize at all!

  6. Indeed a classy, interesting game! Many thanks for your analysis and comments. BTW, your puppy must be learning to be quite a chess player too. (^_^)

  7. “I showed it to all my friends, well those who play chess….. there aren’t really a lot of them”

    Man that’s true for everyone who is here I believe…

  8. 8:07 "the greatest bishop pair ever", only a square away from "the worst bishop pair ever" from Ivanchuk vs Kasparov 1991

  9. being down a whole rook and a queen & still delivering an incredible checkmate is just always a beautiful thing to see.

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