1. – watches Bobby's video
    – memorizes the most insane gambit
    – opens lichess app
    – loses 200 elo points trying to checkmate opponents with the most insane gambit
    – refuses to elaborate further

  2. I almost always play this in casual games
    (It's a bit dubvious for more serious games)

    I even played one of my craziest games ever using this gambit

    Here is the game if anyone is interested

    This is a rapid game i played against my older brother

    These are the moves

    1:e4,e5 2:f4,exf4 3: Nf3, Be7 4:Bc4,Bh4+ 5:g3, fxg3 6:O-O,gxh2+ 8:Kh1,d6 9:Bxf7+, kxf7 10:ng5+,kg6 11:Nf7,Nh6 12:Nxd8,Bg4 13:Rf3, Rf8 14: Rxf8,Bxd1 15:Ne6,Nd7 16:Nf4+,Kg5 17: Rxa8, Kxf4 18: Kxh2,Ng4+ 19:Kh3,Nf3+ 20:Kh2,Ng4+ 21:Kh3

    And both of us agreed to a draw

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