Murray Head – One Night In Bangkok "From CHESS"

From the album CHESS THE ORIGINAL RECORDING by Benny Andersson, Tim Rice and Björn Ulvaeus. Featuring Tommy Korberg, Murray Head and Elaine Page.
Listen to the full album here:

Music video by Murray Head performing One Night In Bangkok. (C) 1984 3 Knights Ltd., Under exclusive license to Polar Music International AB



  1. Sorry,ich nehme keinen mehr auf in dieser Dumm Companie!!🤣🤣🤣Massiert euch selbst!!!

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  3. Best to listen at least 2×40 watts true rms. Best for weaking up sleepy neighbours😄😃😅

  4. Why does this song… perhaps from elsewhere, but it seems it keep on being removed from YouTube?

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    white has an easy mate on the next move (clever subtext if it was intentional)

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  11. Mmmm…. I still have the tape where in winter 84 recorded from the radio this beautiful piece, good memories..

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