MVL and Vidit's Crazy Tiebreak Games! | FIDE World Cup

It’s the Round 3 tiebreaks of the 2021 FIDE World Cup in Sochi, Russia! Elite players from all over the world compete for a part of the $1,892,500 prize fund and two spots in the 2022 Candidates Tournament.

Full event details:

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  1. "Ich Ben"

    I started coughing for a minute straight. One of the dumbest jokes I've ever heard. Thanks Vishy…

  2. Now this is amazing 🙂 The players don't write down their moves themselves? Just like when playing go? I thought I would never see that!!!!

  3. I love Danny and Ben! But having Vishy on pumped it up a level. Thanks for coming on the show Vishy. Good commentary and refreshing to listen to the different views each have.

  4. Glad to see Ben commentating. Make it a frequent thing chesscom… We don't need a 2700 commentator, we need a good player who is fun to listen to for 6 hours. Ben fits that bill perfectly.

  5. This chess day and adiban endgame will remains the greatest and thrilling moment of all the time for me ..while watching live chess..

  6. Vishy is just amazing !! his memory is damn sharp and intuition is thru the roof. it feels like he could have achieved more. The level he is showing at this age is a testimonial to that

  7. Anand has a wry sense of humor (other than his knowledge of the game of course). Made the commentary informative and entertaining. Wonderful debut as a commentator for the ex-world champion!

  8. dont play site online
    the cheaters are GOOD PROTECT , engine at gogo GOOD tolerated
    play chess in LIVE not online

  9. Thank you for the great coverage.

    To Messrs. Rensch and Finegold: quite literally, you had Viswanathan*

    *as a fellow commentator. Good job!

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