1. Lmao there is even woman and man chess??? I get it why men and women don’t run 100m together but what advantage have men in chess?

  2. Why does this chess broadcast feel the need to play gameshow music and play little tones for each move? This seems rather silly for a chess game. This is not Wheel of Fortune, this is Chess.

  3. Oof the British guy talk a lot, sometimes as viewers we want to think and not be told the rationale. He's treating commentary like analysis.

  4. The morale of this game :

    Women should get married, stay at home, raise children, prepare the dishes,
    do the laundry, and , why not , go shopping from time to time with the other housewives.

  5. I wish they had commentators at these chess events that are actually GM's or have nice voices instead of these women

  6. I enjoy playing chess, but I'm at a very low level. I'm curious as to how chess commentators operate when they're supposed to tell us how, what and why the player does what they do, when they're commentating on Magnus' play, they seem as clueless as we do until they suddenly catches up with Magnus' brilliant play.

  7. praise Jesus Christ He is Risen from the tomb God loves you seek His face, the fear of the LORD is the beginning of wisdom

  8. Highly! favourable positional attack by black and very impressive performance by King Magnus against the Rapid Chess Queen Alexandria..Thanks very much for uploading this game..

  9. Jeez….why do you need 4 commentators for a match? 1 would do quite nicely – leaving aside they were clueless about Magnus's moves.

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