My Response To Chess Drama

It was supposed to be a simple funny question for Magnus, a reference to one of our previous streams with him… but it became the most viral clip from the World Chess Championship, that stirred quite a bit of drama. Drop a like and tell us in the comments, what are your thoughts on this whole situation!
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  1. Lol chess drama is the least dramatic shit I've ever seen. I can see why magnus doesn't give a shit about… well anything but playing chess and living his life.. instead of getting into this wierd world of like 100 ppl that actually care and then the thousands on twitch that need drama … I guess we do turn into our parents.. bet most of twitch drama lovers will be future entertainment tonight viewers

  2. Only found your channel yesterday and love what you and ya sister are doing. If even one young kid starts playing chess because of your channel, I call that a major win for you both.

  3. i like your content, i think the question was funny but still don't agree with it, bcs i concluded that you used a massive event to make more content not to break the ice of repetitive questions, thats why for me what you did is not correct.

  4. So is there a book that you sisters can recommend to read about chess plays ? Chess is interesting but I’m not good at it . The name of the pieces are also very interesting like the knight or pawn or queen or king all the names are interesting I’m just not a good player lol

  5. brilliant. this showcases what is wrong with the chess world. just because these chess elitists dedicate their whole life to the game and study for 8 hours a day it does NOT mean that they are entitled to being cruel. when a female young 21 year old, up and coming chess player, makes a joke.. think of it this way. magnus carlsen would NOT be criticized if he went to fashion gala and made a joke. in fact even if the joke was sexist and misogynistic there would be people cheering.

    incredible how we got to this point.

  6. To anyone who thinks a 23 second interaction about a small inside joke destroys the integrity of the entire game surely must have a very low understanding on how established chess is, 1500+ years into human history.
    If something like this could destroy the game's whole integrity, it would deserve to die.
    It can't and it won't.

  7. Yeah I thought it was clever and funny and the rest of those douches got too many pawns up thier butts

  8. Let's be honest, those press conferences (AFTER EACH GAME!!) are dull as F*… I don't care if it is ''the World Championship's Macth'' becouse is not like she asked that during a friking game! The serious part is already happening on the board, let's relax everybody

  9. Why don't you make a long video about how you and Andrea defended defend Dubai's use of slavery?

    Oh, right. Just have to focus on this and turn it to sexism.

  10. I've gotta say I'm disappointed in Magnus' lack of precision in his answer.
    He should have specified the knight moves in the shape of a capital L.

  11. All of these comments are bs. This is like saying "FUN ISN'T ALLOWED AT THE SUPER BOW, IT IS THE BIGGEST EVENT WE HAVE". I'm actually a bit sad that Hikaru kinda saw it that way, I mean you would expect it from random people on the internet who no one cares about, but he seemed like a pretty fun guy to me. Making a big deal out of this, doesn't improve the image of the chess community, so I'm actually really glad you made that video.

  12. Take this L so you never forget how the knight moves made me feel some chills, I knew the context of the joke and I had a good laugh just like Magnus.

  13. I don't know chess like at all, but with StarCraft's GSL, which is the biggest tournament for StarCraft 2 in the world I'm sure I've heard a joke or two in there. Sure it's not as prestigious as chess, but it had millions more viewers than it. I think having jokes in there helps spice it up a bit and makes it more entertaining. Watching matches of chess should be entertaining right?

  14. This is actually high level comedy. It takes really high iq to understand simple jokes 😂😂😂

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