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  1. Dont make fun of helldrake73(white in the game). If a zombie apocalypse occurs, he will be the last one standing, since he has no brain🤭

  2. I laughed so hard at the end there… But then I realized that both those players are higher rated than me. Now I feel ashamed

  3. Omg!!!! I was like there is no way that h3 pawn be a threat , but white said hold my beer!!!! Amazing , i guess that sort of thing is possible , omg!!!!

  4. Imagine Agadmator narrating this 😀

    "So feel free to pause and find the only move that loses the game for white. If you are able to do it congratulations you are an excelent engame player and you will be given the title of SBM (Super Blunder Master) that can find the only move that loses the game“

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