Oh My God!!

January GM Norm Round Robin Game 1

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  1. Given your opponent, a very strong result even if you didn't find the win. You said that you saw the winning move but ended up getting lost in the calculations and ended up dodging it… Sadly, that hit me in the feels as that happens to me so much as an 1800 OTB. You know it has to win, but time is ticking and eventually you have to move… so you select the move you can calculate, knowing you might have just missed your chance at glory. Too conservative, though I've read many GM's sometimes saying "You have to follow your instinct sometimes if you cannot calculate it all". If only we could all just pull the trigger on faith when we're right. Life would be much easier.

  2. OMG! Please just slow the creativity with the video names, just makes me want to watch less cause I don't know what the heck it is. Will still watch em of course. Hope you win the algorithm war anyway.

  3. lol, What a coincidence, I tried Martinelli's Sparkling Apple Juice for the first time in my life this past evening. What are the odds ???
    Was this 'predestined' ??? Predestination is an awesome time travel movie … which I also happened to watch very recently … What IS time ?????

  4. Sometimes I see moves that levy sees but even at 1800 a lot of those prophylactic moves are just not things you see before it’s suggested. I love the analysis, thanks for the video

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