GM Norm Round Robin 8

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  1. I like your humility. You are obviously close to achieving your chess goal. However, life’s goal is more about appreciating yourself and others in the moment. This video shows a healthy respect for both. Well done.

  2. Levy you're such a pimp, that's a sweet hotel and this is such a cool concept. I mean to think in the context of the chess boom and the Queen's Gambit, you are living that story of the travelling, competing chess grandmaster and a lot of people find this sort of insight into your personal experience pretty fascinating. I love it man! Sorry I missed all these videos I'm catchin up now. Been a long work week and school. lol. Keep on trucking man. Peace.

  3. "This game is frustrating because it's even for so long and then I hallucinated something at the end" gee I have no idea what that's like. Except when I do it I blunder the queen 😂

  4. can you give more meaningful titles to your videos? like Tournament_Name – round Number_here , so it's actually easier to follow and the YT algorithm likes it

  5. I love your content Levi, but I wish you would change your verbiage. You frequently say "my knight is dumb here or is so stupid, etc.". As someone who works with people who have intellectual disabilities those terms are insulting.

  6. Levy! You are also at that level (GM)! This was a very tight game and you played just as well and in a very calculated manner. Don't say you're not at that level yet, You got this!! We believe in you!!

  7. Yo – Levy, I love your grind man… that sounds dirtier than I meant it. Cant wait to see those two letters "GM" by your name man.

  8. U r good…avoid trying to explore things u r not sure of..that time will come…play to win, there is no ugly win

  9. Watching these a little late… But it's incredible seeing your ability to grow as a player and as a person throughout this event. Keep it up and stay critical!

  10. Not trying to be a jerk… But I don't like the logic at around the 0:50 mark… If someone has 6 wins going into the last game… Imo that's horrible if people simply give u the draw. That's like having a Football team going into the last week of the season, and giving them the win because they are so close to making the playoffs. It sounds like collusion. This should never be an option. This should be considered to be a huge accomplishment… That you only ever have to accomplish once… And there should be no bs like this.

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