Our House Was Robbed.

This is the Chess World Cup tournament, ft. Magnus Carlsen, Fabiano Caruana, and other strong grandmasters/titled players competing for 2 spots in the Candidates Tournament.

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0:00 Intro
1:54 Game 1
7:45 Game 2
14:40 Game 3
19:45 Game 4

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  1. people who steal are the kind of people who feel a benefit from communism, their best form of income is through others income, my dad had a friend who tried to get his friend hired as a contractor for Mercy Hospital in Arkansas. My dad was nice and let him get the training required and he got the job, my dad is head IT specialist at the hospital with over 100 locations. So the guy who got hired we will call Tom, Tom came by as contractors do and for about a little over a month he would just toss a computer in his breifcase and leave that day. Around 36 computers are known of but he could've got more. So he would take them and pawn them, he would pawn some, his sister would pawn some, his mother would too. Well remember that when you pawn something they write your id. Well through facts that most the computers had a marked IP and so they got a team of police, they went and searched, and they found this guy using one of the computers and asked him where he got it, "Well I got it up at the pawn shop." So they went to the pawn shop and found out Tom sold it to the pawn shop, and then they found his sister and mother selling them too. Tom went to court and obviously lost, but wait, theres more, because the pandemic the government were giving a few grand to companies to help them run through the pandemic. Well turns out they all 3 made fake companies, so before the cops could get Tom, the feds got Tom. So now this guy is owing $80k in computers and another 20-30k to the federal government, he lost the trial is an understatement. Plus around 15-20 years in prison. His mom and sister got around 10 years off their sentence by claiming they were just doing Tom he told them to do. Fun story, but he got what he deserved, I hope you can catch the shady guy that got you and not only that, but stop him from doing to to more people. Personally my dad set up cameras outside all the doors that ping his phone when theres motion. But good luck, even a month later I am sure you still haven't replaced everything especially Lucy's jewlery as it was irreplacable. Hope you can do better from now forward, plus your content is hillarious and useful, so thank you for that.

  2. The person who robbed him took revenge.. he couldnt defeat him in chess, so he took revenge by robbing his house, what a coward.

  3. In Honor of IM Levy Rozman, I am rеlеasing a frее electronic chess book with the name:

    100 Mate in Two Chess Puzzles, Inspired by GothamChess

  4. Levi,

    If you lost any items of sentimental value you can contact local pawn shops (very ironic to mention a pawn shop on a chess channel) to describe the item to the owner and hopefully recover it.

    As a retired NYC officer, i recommend you spend a couple hundred on high security door locks, an audible alarm, and window security. So sorry about you loss.

    Keep up the great work!

  5. I hope they found the bastard.. I think the apartment building had a camera, But since its covid Im sure he had a mask on. But that dude knew your timing too well, seems sus- btw why didn't the neighbor call the cops? There was stuff smashed he must have heard something. Plus the neighbor seems suspicious since He may have known your timings and sent someone to rob you. You did mention the neighbor let the robber in — I digress.

  6. Respect to this legend who cares about his and other peoples health before his valuables. Also whoever robbed him, go and fuck yourself

  7. That theif probably watches YouTube and knows that gold play button is not real gold and not really worth any money

  8. There is no excuse for robbing someone. If you genuinely need money to survive, there are plenty of charities to help.
    I hope the guy gets caught. I guess you're lucky he didn't take your computer too…

  9. I got burgled a few years ago and moved within a month as it was similarly targeted. What you need is a front door camera with alerts and a camera inside your indoor hallway.

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