Pinkamena (1596) vs V. Shevchuk (new). Chess Fight Night. CFN. Blitz

Hello! We are Chess Fight Night Team. We enjoy sharing the atmosphere of the Russian chess club CFN in Moscow.
Our tournaments are without a fee for players rated from 1500+ (FIDE/ Russian rating). We provide our players with the opportunity to play in comfortable conditions and on the best equipment of world standards. At the same time, chess players of different levels play here: from amateurs to world champions.
Each of our tournaments is accompanied by a live broadcast on our channel.
In addition to the official chess games, there are videos with our residents in an informal setting, interviews with them, extrasensory chess with Fatality, streams with CFN club members on lichess.
The basis of our channel is chess in a traditional format, but we are not afraid of experimenting in this and are open to new ideas and projects.
Our residents: Fatality, Pinkamena, Stormbreaker Jr, Aladdin, GM Burger King, Neo.
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  1. Пинкамена, не опускай руки! Не надо не дооценивать соперника. Во взгляде читалось: "О, новенький, сейчас мы его поприветствуем". Надо больше над эндшпилем работать.

  2. Слишком легко шла на размен фигур. При таком огромном преимуществе во времени выгодней более сложные для соперника позиции, чем ладейный эндшпиль. Там же у соперника оставались секунды

  3. She's so cute. I think she had a chance there, but didn't want to enter pawn endgame – I think she should have exchanged rooks when b pawn fell. (based on my less than a second long analysis).
    No matter – theoretical knowledge and a solid game, I thought she's gonna be able to press him through zeitnot… alas, experience… Nevermind, she's great. How old is she anyways?

  4. So sorry. Black could not develop any plan, but tried to. But, time is running…it´s a Blitz. Good game. Nice girl.

  5. She's so close to breaking 1600. Her disappointment was palpable. He played far faster in the end game than I was expecting considering how careful he was during the middle. Nice game.

  6. Ксения молодец 🌼,случайно посмотрел ваш канал и эта умненькая девочка смотивировала меня в 40лет изучить шахматную игру ))

  7. Oh Dios! Me parece que me resultaría imposible ganarle a esa criaturita con esos ojazos y esa mirada tan profunda. Me parece que me sentiría mal por el resto de vida que me quede.

  8. They definitely made few mistakes this game could of gone either way but congrats to the new guy. As for Pinky she is learning a lot and doing good for her age

  9. Pinkaaaa no worries, it's not possible to win them all, keep learning. You already have a huge amount of fans online 😀. Btw, we all missed you and Fatality in the Monday Lichess tournament 😎

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