Pinkamena (1618) vs E. Kozlov (1628). Chess Fight Night. CFN. Blitz

Hello! We are Chess Fight Night Team. We enjoy sharing the atmosphere of the Russian chess club CFN in Moscow.
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  1. Well defended by the young lady, but how could you look at that sweet little face, and try and win? LOL…..

  2. I hope pinky would get strong like Anna M. and become the world champion 😃 in a peaceful world when Russia will hopefully be able to participate in sports events

  3. 1st time watching this moment, she's already up 48 seconds on the clock @ 1:47, EK took to long on his move before 1:51 left on his clock timer – it could cost the game. @4:46 timeline mark, Pinkamena is up almost two minutes; this game is almost over, just let the clock run out… we'll see if that is what will happen. That is what we would do. @7:34 timeline – we guess a player gets an extra second on the timeclock if they move fast? Is that correct? Have no rule book. So, what is that @9:08 timeline? A draw? A Resign? Did Pinkamena win? We do not understand; where can we find a copy of the three minute Blitz Chess rule book online? Google it?
    Why have a clock if you're not going to utilize it?

  4. I don't think that Pinkamena knew how good a position she had after Nxf6, giving Black doubled f-pawns. Then her Qf3 was not correct and Black was slightly better. She drew anyway because of Kozlov's time trouble.

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