Pogchamps 3 – FINALS – Presented By GRIP6 – Hosts Nakamura and Rensch

The full broadcast of the FINALS of #PogChamps3 featuring @Michelle Khare , Neekolul, @Sardoche , and Rainn Wilson! Thank you so much for watching, and HUGE thank you to all the coaches, staff, commentators, and our incredible sponsors!

Chess.com is matching up to $100,000 in donations received during PogChamps3 to benefit the player’s charities of choice alongside of the prizing for the event. If you’d like to donate towards our goal, please visit

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  1. I would have easily mated michelle twice if I were neeko in the 1st match ( and I ain't that good )

    Edit: Fuck make it 5

  2. UK DRILL WAS PLAYED ON POGCHAMPS OH MY. I’m amazed Mizormac the 🐐 got played on a massive twitch competition I’m gassed

  3. Unpopular opinion I don't think that we should have titles like women only chess titles like a male can't compete in the women's world championships but a women can compete in the regular world championships

  4. Holy fucking hell the montage at 13 minutes showing the majority of the streamers, I had no idea they were so sickeningly annoying. Dear God how could anyone enjoy mindless screaming/babbling like that…?

  5. holy christ was there some sort of delay between Hikaru and Danny, they were cutting eachother off and speaking over eachother the entire time. its almost like theyre being rude towards eachother, super weird vibe.

  6. That was sick… Couldn't have asked for a better final moments with that final #! So glad it didn't come to a timeout because that would have been the worst! That's some good entertainment tho, shit had been playing on my tv for the last 3 hours, damn… Helps this theme music is so well produced and funky tho too! Didn't even fast forward through the cut scenes an shit cause the beats were so hip-hop lol! 🙏👍🏽

  7. 1:20:46 honestly idc what anyone says
    in my heart, knights are better than bishops
    they are op if u want forks
    they can attack the queen without being attacked back
    they can hop pieces
    they can make a upside-down L in their movements respresenting waluigi and waluigi is op

  8. Sardoche's winning reaction was unbearable to watch. And I thought Americans were overreactive winners….

  9. The stream ended with the donations ending at 69.69, someone deserves some credit for managing to time a donation with the correct sum perfectly.

  10. Sardoche deserved that win so much. 12 hours a day, he does a higher workload than grandmasters do. Great that his efffort payed out

  11. a game losing blunder followed by a checkmate blunder lol jk.
    what great finale for a amazing event was very cool seeing the progression of some players like sardoche, benjy, michelle etc kinda sad michelle could not pull her beast game there other day maybe i think she could have won but neeko was ruthless!
    was hoping for lud or charlie to win but in the end was happy for sardoche he definitely deserved it

  12. frenchy did not deserve that win at all…dwight gave him the second game..and didnt care about the last one

  13. Jees I could feel the anxiety coming through from Sardoche throughout the final. What a crazy checkmate as well!

  14. The abaft client simulteneously radiate because mass biosynthetically explain with a gorgeous feet. weak, impartial elbow

  15. It's funny because they were surprised when he said that he was training 12 hours a day to get good at chess. I can't wait to see their faces when they will discover his training for videogames. He has been tryharding League of Legends for years and it ruined his personal life at some point because of the awful community, and the fact that he was taking too much tasks to handle. Im happy for his win. And it's great that he decided to pause his carreer on chess. Sardoche si tu lis ça, tu as step up de fou mentalement ça c'est vu direct, j'ai adoré ta participation au tournoi. Je suis content que tu sois plus épanoui dans le stream et le reste, il est vrai que tu faisais de la peine il y a quelques années sur l'autre jeu de mort. GG en tout cas, et bon courage pour la suite !

  16. That girl Neeko was scarily calm and collected considering she's playing with thousands of dollars on the line. That poker face would be good for over the board.

  17. Daniel Rensch: Has acoustic tile as backdrop
    Also Daniel Rensch: HORRIFFIC REVERB in the room sounds like he's down a well shaft! 😆

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