Press Conference after Game 11 | FIDE World Championship Match 2021 |

Magnus Carlsen wins Game 11 and the match, retaining his title.

Capitalizing on Ian Nepomniachtchi’s blunder on move 23, the World Champion scored his fourth win in the match at Expo Dubai. The final score is 7½-3½.

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  1. Nepo shocked me. He's talking like an idiot. I'm undecided between three possible explanations:
    1. His English is bad and thus he can't say what he would say in his native tongue,
    2. He is totally shocked how the championship went and not really his self,
    3. He is a one-track expert and socially deprived, emotionally at the level of a 12-year old with a slight asperger syndrome.

  2. When they talked just after the game. Napo smiled and looked refiled, Carlsen looked deflated and disappointed. What a horrible game from Nepo, so bad the winner has little joy.

  3. funny how Nepo articulates…it's characteristically Russian – because the languages' words are so long – composing so many emotions into singular words…
    they (Russians) have extra time, when they express themselves in English – the result is very reflective…
    whether or not that is characteristic of Russians in general…(probably?)…it would be a good thing. however, Putin's resolve to be the Alpha in the world, with respect to Russia's standing, is
    for lack of better words – uncharacteristically, destructive for all interests. like a couple duking it out for supremacy of way…
    as for chess, Nepo would be best served focusing on his oxygen levels: i.e. lose 20 lbs of weight – gain physical endurance…one can tell he's fat.

  4. i find it funny that people act like nepo has so much to improve on and apologize for. you dont see people behaving that way when it comes to weight lifting or any other sport. suddenly all these people know so much about how he could have done better but sit at home with cheetos dust on their fingers and 1300 elo.
    chess is kind of a bitchy sport, i love to play it but its still stigmatized as this sort of holy grail of brainwork. as if the players werent humans who can have bad days. if you cant take your favorite loosing a game watch football and have a fight with the opposite teams fans like a man, not behind your desk.

  5. Nepo gave up after game six. The three horrific blunders is inexcusable. He either threw the games intentionally or never analysed at all. He has destroyed his reputation and I feel no sympathy for him at all. I guarantee you if Magnus had lost game six, he would have fought all the more harder. Just see what he did in the Karjakin match when he fell behind.

  6. Даже не хватило духа признаться, что шестая партия переломила его. Нес какую-то ересь. Надо говорить как есть.

  7. Nepo is really a nice guy and a really strong player. But I just cannot explain myself these 3 blunders, which were too easy recognised by a super medium player, so I may go far and say these mistakes give some unserious attitide to the WCC by Nepo. This just does not correspond to a final at that level

  8. I don't wanna sound rude, but Nepo is not in shape physically for a World Championship Match. He needs to work on that too. After that long fight everything went down.

  9. Ian has my empathy, both players are quite classy, the FIDE questions need to be vetted better, there is zero reason to lambast a player after making blunders (as this shows a lack of respect towards the player who has made the more blunders or errors and forgets about the true incredible talent that they normally play with)

    No good reason to throw a player under the bus for a less than perfect showing.

    There is no player at the GM level who hasn’t blundered a time or two in a way that they normally wouldn’t have blundered within many thousands of games.

    The bigger picture… it was no accident that Ian made it to this prestigious tournament, he is brilliant !

    Well done Ian, very well done Magnus !

  10. So, after the last game, and the subsequent press conference, the players have to stay two more days for some ceremony / celebration? I would say everybody, and certainly the players, would like to go home straight away: what a nonsense and waste of time.

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