Press Conference after Game 6 | FIDE World Championship Match 2021 |

The sixth game Carlsen v Nepomniachtchi ends in a victory for Carlsen after 136 moves and nearly 8 hours of play. After six games, the score is 3½-2½ in Carlsen’s favour.

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  1. I follow chess semi-closely, but that Ian dude sitting there in his chair, slumped down, spinning around, pouting like a child…good lord.

  2. Poor guy said it shouldn't be easy in a world championship match, if only he knew what he was in for 🤣🤣

  3. Жаль "сломался" Ян после досадного поражения в 6 партии. Потом еще 8, 9, 11 партии будут проиграны.

  4. My question is… How does a knight move? Workin on a knight move. Tryin' to make some front page news. 
    Workin on my knight move.

  5. Great game but really crappy if ur a newbie to chess. 8 and a half hours. 15 mins per move. Just ridiculous. I don’t know how they expect the game to grow and harness more interest with such long games. They need to clearly shorten the time between moves

  6. Korchnoi and Karpov had the record for most draws at the start of a match (7). It was Karpov and Kasparov jointly who held the record for the most consecutive draws.

  7. Why would Maurice say Magnus hasn't won in 5 years? He also made more digs at Magnus. What an obnoxious jerk. Magnus is the GOAT. Maurice you are a little man!

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