QUEEN SACRIFICE by Magnus Carlsen

The Meltwater Finals of the Champions Chess Tour featuring Magnus Carlsen, Hikaru Nakamura, Anish Giri, Wesley So, Radjabov, Aronian, MVL, Duda, Artemiev, Mamedyarov.

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0:00 Intro
0:40 Aronian Duda
5:48 Artemiev MVL
13:20 So Raja
18:23 Hikaru Shakh
25:18 MAGNUS

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  1. Levy I’m also Jewish and you’re too classy to use the Lord’s name in vain. It sounds really tacky and offensive.

  2. PETA has a negative connotation because the organization is a little extreme with their views. For instance they would actually be offended by the puppy kicking joke and try to get you de-platformed and pressure your sponsors into dropping you. They’re an animals rights activist organization which is good, a lot of the time however the issues they choose to go after are wastes of time and don’t actually benefit animals in any significant way.

  3. "Take the rook! Why won't white take the rook" "Don't worry I was a 300 level player once, knight defends rook." "Ohhhhhh uh dang."

  4. I was thinking if he moves that Bishop it'd be mate-in-one, but then I was like nahhh that's what one of my friends might do. Atoning probably had a couple drinks before that game lol

  5. I clicked the time stamp, however I'm watching this before going to bed and should be going to bed now not after watching the end

  6. Levy: Don't skip to the Magnus game, the other games are good
    Me: Watches all the games, then closes video when Magnus' game comes

  7. But like a year ago you said in your dutch video that the Leningrad is damn good and we should check it out 😟 I made it to one of my main openings bro….

  8. Hikaru literally had the highest score going into the last round. He only drew a lot against Wesley. People just love to hate honestly.

  9. Does MVL have ever won a game you reviewed ? I don’t care but I’m curious. When I see it’s him it’s obvious the other one wins.

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