Queen Trash Talker vs Tom Cruise Double Ends With Epic Mate! Sue State vs Kevin Cruise

She ain’t messin around! Can Top Gun get out of this one???
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  1. Kevin was pretty much triggered next time I reccomend ear buds. Everytime she says something you reply "excuse me?

  2. Sue: Imma teach you to play with my ass
    Carlini: Is he playing with your ass again Sue?

  3. 6:17 bad move going black knight c4. White bishop takes D7. If the black knight re-captures, its see ya later with queen H7. If, instead, black queen to E3, the position is still quite defendable by white even with a temporary queen pin.

  4. I meant to do that! 不my favorite line
    Bruh he was so flustered 拎不bwhaahaha
    He called her checkmate拎拎之im sorry but I cant stop laughing. They tried to treat her like she hung a rook. And maybe she did, only to stumble upon a brilliant checkmate. 不 great game mam great game indeed. OH AND SHE SHIT TALKED THIS MANS SOUL INTO OBLIVION 不he sat down as a calm respectful white privileged man. He left a racist

  5. Execpt for talking, countless random mistakes, we learned nothing.
    3.11 E3 ,Had to take with the Queen and finish the game. Seriously ?

  6. I love Sue State's game, but I can't say that she won it fair and square. 5:15 she moved hit the clock then took her move back and started calculating on Black's time. No bueno… bishop takes rook. She dropped the piece.

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