Really Not Good… (Washington Chess Congress Rd 3)

Washington Chess Congress Round 3.

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  1. I'm new to chess, if the other guy was so low on time why couldn't levy just dance with him and hope the time pressure makes the other guy slip, is that bad sportsmanship? Was he worried about losing? Or was he just really confident it would come down to 2 kings or something?

  2. I wish I could hit Like 5 times. Not enough YouTube Videos of people acknowledging their own short comings stay Humble .

  3. Yo, I know this guy, he goes to my school, and we are good friends. So proud to see him always improving.

  4. I feel he uploads these videos to destroy his ego and force himself to get better to actually become a GM

  5. Hey GothamChess!!! I wish you the best of luck, although chess is not so much a matter of luck… But y know wht i mean.I wish you success ! Enjoy every single moment, even when things don't go according to the plan.. YOU'RE SWEEEEEET !!!! (P.S. a little piece of advice from friend to friend, start thinking like you are ALREADY a GM! it might help u feel like ur closer to your achievement! i don't know for sure, but i assume it'll work!) Greetings from Hellas! Byessss…

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