GM Norm Tournament Round 3

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  1. I’m a little confused didn’t you mention at one point having no intention of becoming a GM? What caused you to start grinding for it? It seems very hard to juggle YouTube, Twitch study your opponents, and participate in the tournament all at the same time

  2. Why not take the pawn on C6 after his pawn move to B5? Put him in check, take his Rook? I know, it's too risky, but it's a power move

  3. This guy's "preparation" against his opponents almost always gets him into positions that he doesn't have deep experience with. He should play what he knows instead of trying to discombobulate his opponent.

  4. Bh6 is wicked! Interesting and instructive game – activity, activity, activity! The computer always loves activity.

  5. Can someone explain why he couldn't attack the rook with the bishop on A3 at 8:19? I'm sure there's a reason he didn't even bother explaining it as a series of moves but I can't see what makes it losing.

  6. I would love to see Hikaru analyze these games just to contrast what goes through my head as a 1600, your head as an IM and his head as a super GM

  7. Great job in forcing a draw. There's no shame in getting draws against these guys. Like you said at the start, this is a tough tournament. Thanks for the content.

  8. 11:58 plugged it into Lichess's Stockfish 14+ NNUE*, with depth 36, and apparently Kh3 is the best move.

    * exact version: [commit: 665b011c, upstream: 1946a675, emscripten: 2.0.26]

  9. If you’re playing a GM and find yourself in a drawn position then you continue to play solidly. The person who deviates gives their opponent a chance to win and It’s more likely that they’ll find that move than you.

  10. I think levy has twins orelse it would be practically impossible to study for gm title,fight in a tournament n make recaps at the same time lol! When r they both coming together??

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