Russian Expert Tests New Hustler With Crazy Budapest Gambit! Russian Alex vs Vahe

It’s a crazy aggressive test on the new guy!
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  1. Niski poziom gry. Czarny na własne życzenie odsłania króla, a biały nie potrafi tego wykorzystać i podstawia hetmana. (chcecie wiedzieć co napisałem to się uczcie języków)

  2. So happy big tex is forgotten on this channel. Dont see his shirts or hear his wack catch phrases anymore. Only reason he'll pop up is because of this comment

  3. That's not the main line Budapest, it's the Fajarowicz variation. You can mess it up with 4. a3. But it's very trappy!
    I'm not tactically astute (crazy) enough to play it, that's for sure. The main line is a more positional hypermodern with 3…Ng4. I missed some of those chances for white! Thanks again CC!

  4. No offense but I can't watch clips with people wearing masks. I'm protesting what has been proven to be over protective measures that lead to severe power abuses by corrupt politicians, and lack of proof that the public wearing masks make a difference in the spread of viruses. Unfortunately the parasite called government has proven to be more disastrous than the virus over could.

  5. 10:44 not really hard to see. It's rather an obvious move for me to attack the black king. I am surprise that young guy missed that. The Russian Guy was a little careless in opening up his king, but lucky for him his opponent failed to capitalize on it.

  6. I was cheering for the young guy. The older one was showing off, no chess etiquette. Weak moves, but acting like they are strong. Too bad the youngster could not take the time pressure

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