Shocking Knight Offering

Example of the Shocking Knight Offering against a 2019

This was my opponent. Date: 10/10/16


What to play here?

You just came out of the Fabled Advanced G Pawn ifajig attack and now you are lost as to what to do. The first phase of the ifajig attack was semi successful. You managed to lodge a pawn deep in the kingside, good job! Now, how to continue? The whole point of the fabled opening is to strike the king with a bishop or queen on h5 or g6 if he is not castled. If he was castled in this position first shown, you would need to sacrifice a knight, bishop or even rook to break through. This is necessary, you MUST sacrifice if your pawns can no longer break through. In the ifajig attack, always use your pawns not as shields or landmarkers. Use your pawns as weapons. Against other pawns, and to gain fearless tempo. If you do not use your pawns to kill other pawns while advancing deep into the enemy kingside, you are wasting your f g and h pawn and you should be ashamed of yourself.


Sometimes, battle calls for SHOCKING power moves

Now is your time. Unleash it all.

FEEL THE POWER OF THE IFAJIG ATTACK!!!!!!!!!  screenshot_21