1. Timestamps by Raghni and I

    44:23 Puzzle rush – I
    48:59 Puzzle rush – II

    0:00 Intro
    1:07 Stream begins
    3:32 Use your studio VD
    4:03 Plans for the stream
    4:32 Reddit
    5:19 Former professional chess player
    5:58 Heart rate and lichess
    6:18 Solving puzzles on lichess
    7:40 “Start he kharab ho gai”
    8:47 AG, and 2800 in puzzles xD
    15:37 Time to focus
    16:55 “I am so stupid!”
    18:15 Fixing mic only to mute it
    20:35 VD’s revenge
    22:34 “I am speechless”
    23:05 Reading superchats
    27:30 Samay trolled for no apparent reason.
    28:18 Lichess is not the coolest anymore xD
    29:21 Oh the frustration!
    29:56 Now it’s about the ego
    31:11 New aim xD
    31:51 Arre Eminem
    33:51 Yeh kya kuch bhi tha, VD?
    37:26 “Transformation phase of the hero has begun”
    41:01 Upcoming video on the channel?
    47:36 “Thoda heavy heavy sa lag raha hai mere ko”
    48:00 Reading superchats
    52:51 Awaiting Screenshot
    54:20 Vidit – sweat aadmi?
    54:31 Multiple channels in future?
    55:18 Back to solving puzzles on lichess
    55:26 Sometimes first instincts are right as well
    56:43 ASMR VD
    58:28 “Did my heart rate stop?”
    1:02:35 Silent stream incoming
    1:10:07 Bullying Vedika
    1:11:11 gif it and ship it
    1:12:50 Toughest tough problem ever (current one)
    1:13:21 gif it and ship it – II
    1:14:09 Challenging GM friends in future
    1:15:40 Time to lip read VD
    1:17:09 Reading superchats
    1:17:55 Final few words and bye

    Thank you for streaming VD. It was apparently a lot of fun. Hope we will see the screenshot of 2800 soon.

  2. VD bhaiya I am in no way a chess guy who can give advise to you. But what I noticed is you were going very fast like puzzle rush initially. But this are very hard puzzles(positions) that even you and many other GMs atleast take 5 or more minutes before making a move in classical game. Sorry if its offending to you but that's just my observation.😺

  3. Vidit bhai don't worry about the production quality of your streams. No doubt the quality is the best . But we care about you ❤️ Keep streaming

  4. I hardly ever comment on youtube but its great to see your stream , you give so much positivity . Thanks for streaming ❤️ all the best for your tournaments

  5. vidit bhai just wanna congratulate that your last 3-4 streams except tt has literallly 0 dislikes which is really really difficult for any streamer! anyone can check it using chrome extension

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