Street Worker And Rave Girl Play Chess

Andrea stopped to play chess on the streets of Chicago on her way to Lollapalooza. This chess hustler turns out to be a really great opponent! Drop a like and tell us in the comments, if you’d like to see more videos of Botez sisters playing strangers.
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  1. Bro, Andrea is super hot ! I would have been playing against her, I would have lost for sure !!

  2. Was hoping for Andrea to play Kh1 to free up her dark square bishop, then when I saw black's Qh7 I thought she better play it quickly

  3. Imagine how much better you could be if you focused as much on the game as on your makeup.

  4. Saw it coming lol. Question is "why is he moving his queen there at this moment ?". I say that but would have probably do the same, with the excitement.

  5. I love how she was giving him crap the whole time about not castling and leaving his king in the middle, and then she loses to a back row mate because her king had no squares lol!

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