Pawn Promotion | Chess Terms |

‘Pawn promotion’ is an important concept to grasp as you learn the game of chess. Promoting a pawn is one of the rewards of playing an endgame successfully. If you can move a pawn to the opposite end of a board without your opponent capturing it, you deserve a reward. You have the opportunity to… Continue reading Pawn Promotion | Chess Terms |

A Brilliant Endgame Study

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The Punisher | Chess Openings |

Ready to learn about THE PUNISHER? FunMasterMike shows you some incredible moves to help you beat your opponent and upgrade your chess strategy. Sign up for FREE online play: You’ll even learn about a real chess game played by FunMasterMike in the past to see how he played this opening in action! Do you like… Continue reading The Punisher | Chess Openings |

Weekly Quiz Is Back! Chess Quiz 16 – Famous Games!

Next Week’s Quiz: 1000 – 1500 Strategic Thinking Chess Course: โœ… Everything I wished I knew when I was rated 1000. If you’re stuck around the 1000 level and can’t seem to improve, this is the course for you. 40+ video lessons on all phases of the game! ๐ŸŸง Patreon ๐ŸŸง ๐Ÿ‘•The Store โ˜‘๏ธ Play… Continue reading Weekly Quiz Is Back! Chess Quiz 16 – Famous Games!