The Best Game I've Ever Seen

Not joking.

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  1. the funniest thing, i actually thought i was getting a skype call, i was thiking where the sound came from, cause the second i paused the vid the rign stopped

  2. I'm a 400 and got my first brilliant move a few days ago and got so happy. And if was a danger levels moves 😀 thanks levy

  3. I like how his immediate reaction to an 800 pulling of a miracle is to report them for cheating i wonder if that's why I always get accused of cheating even in the 11 to 1200s

  4. "Black evacuates".

    Black shits his pants. Funnily enough, the strongest move recommended by the engine.

  5. Today I played a game where I gained 23 points of material. 800 players are skilled? Imagine what I see being stuck below 400

  6. almost every hit on this video is proof that people have begun losing respect for good quality chess, sports in general for that matter, all they want to see is rise and fall of winning chances from one side to the other, regardless of how bad the technique is.

  7. I started chess for…3 months now and I cannot break through 800 rating yet but I laughed so hard on the train. Also, yes, I didn't realize the rook was hanging until he said it was. Because diagonal confuses my brain.

  8. Ok, I don't get it. I'm 800 and I lose some games with no blunders and 85+ accuracy. Am I playing on the wrong App?

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