The Feeling of Beating the World Chess Champion

Andrey Esipenko, an 18-year-old chess player beat Magnus Carlsen, the World Chess Champion in his first opportunity. The game was played in Round 8 of Tata Steel 2021. Check out Esipenko’s reaction!

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  1. wow, 5 million views 18 years beating the world champion, but no news about the 16 years ( youngest kid) beating world champion TWICE. Such a shame, shows how biased media is, just because the kid is from India, some poor third world country? 😀

  2. Now 16th year old beat Magnus carlsen 2 times.. that's power of indian 🇮🇳 grandmaster

  3. In this clip it looked like Magnus didn't shake his opponents hand. I think thats is unprofessional as great as he is.

  4. I feel like I need to remove myself from this community. That was a Disney smile. And I do not want to offer my input on things because of my cynical worldview.

  5. Who is supposed to be the world chess champion? LoL their emotions are getting me mixed up 🤣

  6. When the main character beats the villain who trained for decades:

    (BTW I'm not calling magnus a villian)

  7. Wait he's Russian right? Does that mean we need to nullify this win and strip him of any Grandmaster status from now until eternity? Cool bruh.

  8. Remember guys: the world champion doesn't mean something you can't beat but something you want to beat. So that's the true meaning of champion and please believe in yourself!

  9. It’s crazy how you can see exactly how he feels. First a rush of relief, then a realization of how exhausted it made him, and then it hit that he beat the world chess champion. That indeed must’ve been one of his best days.

  10. Please just leave out the cheap music, the moment is emotional enough without this annoyance. Thank you!

  11. im a beginner here im just curious what and why are they writing?what was that for?

  12. Everybody wants to talk about Carlsen's occasional losses…so what. He's the best there is.

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